Current version: (AGNO-JavaScript API)


// required parameters:
brand: "agnoplay",
videoId: "Mbdskc9KsAii",
url: window.location.href,
// add the following:
animatedPoster: true,
animatedPosterUrl: '', // required
animatedPosterFormat: 'gif', // accepted values 'gif' | 'mp4'
animatedPosterDuration: 4000, // in ms
animatedPosterMobileTrigger: 'scroll', // accepted values 'none' | 'scroll' | 'touch'
animatedPosterScrollStartOffset: 0.5 // start animation when video player is scrolled in first half of the screen

Animated Poster

This example shows the possibility to show an animated poster for a video when a user hovers over the player on desktop. On mobile the animated poster can be triggered either by scrolling into a preset viewport, or by holding touch gesture.