Current version: (AGNO-JavaScript API)


The video player sets analytics data that can be interepreted via the receiveIVVIMessage function in a script and used for proper analysis. See a script example below. Three things in the data list need explanation:

  • eventCategory: video (standard) / podcast (based on audio_player setting in configuration) / live (based on livestream type)
  • eventAction: [eventName] (like uniquePlay, adbegin, etc; see events for a complete overview)
  • eventLabel: url (to know where the event occured)


            function receiveIVVIMessage(event) {
            var data =;
            var videoId =;
            // You can use whitelist to track only events you are interested in
            var eventsWhitelist = [
            // All ads events
            // All social-sharing events
            // All progress events
            // All error tracking events

            if (videoId && eventsWhitelist.some(e => data.type.match(e))) {
            var analytics_data = {
              'event': 'video-event',
              'eventCategory': data.eventCategory,
              'eventAction': data.type,
              'eventLabel': location.href,
              'videoID': videoId,
              'videoDuration': data.duration,
              'videoTitle': data.title,
              'videoPlayerName': data.brand,
              'videoDateCreated': data.dateCreated,
              'videoAccount': data.account,
              'videoErrorDesciption': data.descriptionMessage,
              'videoCategory': data.videoCategory,
              'videoTags': data.videoTags,
              'videoFormat': data.videoFormat,
              'videoAdTag': data.descriptionAdTag
            // If you want to track messages from the player that is embed
            // on the page with iframe you also need to add this line:
            window.addEventListener("message", receiveIVVIMessage)


The player exposes events. This events can be picked up by every website with their Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Tealium implementation.