Current version: (AGNO-JavaScript API)


This feature can be used as follows:

// required parameters:
brand: "agnoplay",
videoId: "Mbdskc9KsAii",
url: window.location.href,
// add the following:
streaming_protocol: 'auto'

Streaming protocol

This is an example of the Streaming protocol feature, please note that selected option will be treated as preferred option and in case it's unavaliable agnoplay streaming protocol fallback mechanism will decide which protocol to select from those that are avalible.

Agnoplay streaming protocol fallback mechanism priority order is:

selected streaming protocol -> hls -> dash -> mp4 -> mp3

For example 'dash' is selected as streaming protocol, player will try to search for 'dash' source and will use it in case it's avalible, otherwise it will try to search for 'hls' source, then 'mp4' and so on.

This feature can be configured with next values:

  • auto - Streaming protocol will be selected automatically based on agnoplay streaming protocol fallback mechanism
  • hls - 'application/x-mpegURL' source will have priority
  • dash - 'application/dash+xml' source will have priority
  • progressive - all progressive sources(1080p, 720p, etc) will have priority, they will be avalible for selection from 'quality seletion menu' for a user, the selected by default is decided by ABR Strategy
  • 1080p / 720p / 480p / 460p /270p / 128k - selected 'video/mp4(audio/mp3)' source will have priority